Endodontist Carson City

Patient Testimonials

“I found the whole experience exceeded my expectations.” — Robert Johnson 6.6.14

“Kristi is a great receptionist and is always very friendly. Dr. Buck was so gentle and caring, as were the two different assistants I met on my visits. I had no problems whatsoever with my treatment and would highly recommend Dr. Buck to my friends!” — Patty Tognetti 6.5.14

This whole experience while never pleasant was made so much easier because of the professional care by all in your office. I felt my experience was made as painless as possible. I really appreciated that Dr. Buck made sure that I would have the best outcome possible even though I had to return two times to ensure that the tooth had no infection present and at no additional charge! — Jeanne Trejo 5.5.14

Dr. Buck is FABULOUS!! I would recommend him and his staff to everyone. Great care/pain free. Amazing cutting edge technology. — Victoria Williams 4.16.14

I would like to thank Dr. Wilbur and Shirley from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to reassure, educate, and make my experience today as comfortable as possible. I feel you two are superior in your field of expertise. Your genuine compassionate and gentle approach today saved a tooth I wanted to pull when I walked through the door this morning. You guys rock! Once again, Thank you so much! — Joann Ferguson 04.9.14

“I am extremely grateful for the excellent service and care I received at your office on the 13th. I was very apprehensive at first due to a previous painful experience, but this one was the total opposite – almost no pain at all, and excellent care every step of the way. I will definitely talk you guys up in Truckee and I will absolutely see you again – Thanks ever so much!!!” — Perry Christiansen 03.17.14

“I skipped most of the questions regarding pain because the procedure was done so well by Dr. Buck, that I literally had no pain to explain. In the past, I have had bad experiences with dentists and this was a very positive experience. Thank you to Dr. Karwoski for referring me to a very professional and pain-free endodontic specialist!” — Norm Azevedeo 03.12.14

“Being a science-oriented person, I would have liked a bit more explanation of the procedure. Just what was done and the materials used to fill the tooth. Of course, I could have asked. All in all, no problems. I would recommend your office.” — Penny Nicely 3.5.14

“Excellent care!” — Bary Pollack 03.03.14

“Everyone was very caring and explained everything very thoroughly. It was an excellent experience!!” — Melissa Weddell 02.25.14

“I had a very enjoyable time sitting in the op chair! No pain, and a very satisfied customer!” — Christopher Last 02.14.14

“I have had a lot of dental work done in several different States. Dr. Buck, and his staff are among the most professional that I have encountered. This office is without a doubt the most modern and best equipped that I have ever encountered. Thank you all for your care and professionalism.” — Philip Publicker 02.13.14

“This was the very best experience I have encountered while being treated for a dental condition. I was impressed with the technology used during my treatment. I was equally impressed with the Receptionist and Dental Assistant. (I am ashamed that I do not recall their names) knowledge and helpful demeanor. Dr Buck is an excellent physician, even though he looks to be about 16 years old. Please keep up the level of service I received with future patients.” — Albert Mcmindes 2.3.14

“Great experience. Thank you!” — Jenny McDermott 01.30.2014

“Dr. Buck and staff are the best providers I have encountered.” — Robert Gibb 01.28.2014

“I don’t feel like my simply “thanking” you all is enough. You made Emma feel safe, loved and totally at ease and I had nothing but complete confidence in you this entire time. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the way you’ve cared for my daughter. Dr. Buck, Whitney and Shirley, you made Emma and I feel like family, and for that, we are both grateful!” — Kristi Glover 01.28.2014

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Buck and his staff! Such a great experience! Thank you for being so caring and professional!” — Sharon Chappell, 1.28.2014

“Everything was great-No Pain-It was Great!” — Toby Lansing, 5.9.2012

“I was totally scared at the thought of going to an endodontist, but the experience was great. Dr. Buck was amazing dispensing the novocaine. People could take a lesson from him. I would recommend him to everybody.” — Darrel Moody, 5.7.2012

“Piece of cake! No pain at all–music, relaxing–very efficient dentist and comforting assistant.” — Nancy Sbragia, 4.19.2012

“Awesome doctor and staff! No pain at all…I got to listen to ‘Il Divo’ and drift off until the procedure was finished. I recommend Dr. Buck for anyone who needs root canals.”– Susan Hult, 3.26.2012

“So impressed beyond words. So much so I feel it was money well spent. New age atmosphere, technology, and well explained procedures. I will definitely recommend Dr. Buck to others. This staff and office was very relaxed and very competent. I actually left with a smile on my face and it wasn’t because of the medication.” –Renee Tierney, 3.2.2012

“I’m impressed with Dr. Buck and his office staff. Very personable, professional, and made my experience painless and enjoyable. Great people! I will highly recommend this office to all my friends!” — Jeff See, 2.29.2012

“Very professional, quick, painless–Dr. Buck, Shirley and Geri are excellent. Really enjoyed the ‘Pandora’ music. Thank you!” — Bob Beltramo, 2.14.2012

“I’ve had a lot of dental work. Dr. Buck is hand down the most deft, pain free, and professional endodontist I’ve ever had.” — A. Maxwell, 2.13.2012

“I was scared and from the moment I walked in I felt at ease. The ladies are wonderful and Dr. Buck did everything gently, explained, stopped and checked on me. His voice is soothing & relaxing. The music was a nice touch. Thanks for the root canal.” — Jennelle Keith, 1.25.2012

“This office actually made my root canal pleasant, if you can believe it! What a wonderful group of people!” — Janice Visger, 1.23.2012

“I would not have expected a root canal to feel smooth & relaxing, but the truth is it did!” — Kathryn Bricker, 1.19.2012

“This was such an amazingly positive experience! Everyone here takes such a personal interest, and their professionalism and expertise are exceptional. Carson City is very, very fortunate to have Dr. Buck and his staff!” — Joan Rassler, 1.12.2012

“Dr. Buck explained the entire procedure and options prior to the treatment so I understood what to expect. The staff were careful about elimination pain and making me comfortable. No high pressure sales pitch for additional work; just recommendations and clear options.” — Bruce McMillan, 12.20.2011

“Dr. Buck did a wonderful job. It was a pleasant experience for what was done. I would recommend Dr. Buck to anyone.” — Jim DeArrieta, 12.20.2011

“Everyone in the office made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. As for the procedure, what should have been a painful and unsettling experience, was easy and quick.” — Whitney Hamilton, 12.19.2011

“Easiest, Fast, Pain Free Root Canal. Thanks!” — Craig Randall, 11.30.2011

“Very Friendly Staff! Completely painless Root Canal. I didn’t even feel the initial injections. I highly recommend Dr. Buck.” — Ann Wilson, 10.26.2011

“Dr. Buck is awesome. I’ve had a lot of dental work , having been involved in a car accident in 1971 and losing a lot of teeth. The root canal was a breeze with Dr. Buck. Try one-you’ll like it.” — Kathy Tatro, 9.26.2011

“I was so scared thinking about the drilling and needles. I was very tense about the appointment. I came out of Dr. Buck’s office so embarrassed. I came out smiling. The appointment was nothing like I imagined.” –Joyce Tello, 9.26.2011

“This was the least painful experience I have ever had at a dentist office. Pleasure meeting you Dr. Buck! Best of luck with your practice. I’m no longer afraid of root canals. Thank you very much.” — Alexi Lanza, 9.22.2011

“I would 100% recommend Dr. Buck! After finding out a root canal was necessary, I was very nervous. Dr. Buck and his staff completely set me at ease and I did not feel a thing! I am thoroughly impressed! Thank you so much for your service!” — Robin Clark, 9.21.2011

“Dr. Buck was so easy to meet and converse with that I was amazed. I was expecting some pain and there was absolutely none. If I could have had this type of dental care 45 years ago, I would now have all of my teeth still. What a different experience!” — Paul Shepherd, 9.7.2011

“The procedure went smooth and perfect. It was done in a timely manner, very efficient and organized. Thank you Dr. Buck!” — Dan Torok, 9.6.11

“Dr. Buck’s calm, unhurried demeanor was very helpful as I was very anxious about
my root canal procedure. Choice of music was helpful also. Thank you Dr. Buck!” — Kathy Johnson, 9.6.2011

“Dr. Buck was absolutely amazing! I will recommend him to about everyone I know. I’m
pain free!” — Sabrina Martin, 8.31.2011

“Dr. Buck: OUTSTANDING! This was EASY! I’m a chicken and I love this guy!” — Jay Lewis, 8.31.2011

“Root canals are not fun at all but my time here has been no problem. From the first
shot to the final filling on top of the root canal has almost been painless. Dr. Buck
and all of the girls make it worth it. I would recommend this office to anyone and my family too.” — Ingrid Walker, 8.10.2011

“If being at the dentist could ever be called relaxing, this would be it! I never felt any of
the shots & the doctor explained step by step what he was doing and why.” — Celeste Leighton, 7.22.2011

“Wow! Easy, Easy – Second Time Root Canal job- Dr. Buck has a Good ‘Touch’.” — Michael Nicholas, 7.21.2011

“Absolutely an easy experience. Dr. Buck was very patient and explained the procedure. It made my first root canal an enjoyable experience.” — Desirae Munns, 7.21.2011

“Dr. Buck & Shirley were extremely aware of your needs needs & concerns. The
consultation was explained well in what Dr. Buck needed to do. The root canal
procedure was nothing like 20 years ago. I had a good experience! No pain!” — Sandra Bunch, 7.20.2011

“I am a dentist ‘coward’ but Dr. Buck and Shirley made it a good experience. I
would recommend him to everyone. Geri was very pleasant and made the paperwork easy!” — Dee Ann Rowe, 7.11.2011

“It was the best experience I have ever had in a dentist office. I think I fell asleep
during the root canal. I recommend him highly.” — Myron Carpenter, 7.8.2011

“I had an amazing experience at Dr. Buck’s office that I never felt any pain what so ever
during my procedure. I recommend him highly.” — Arlene Schreiber, 6.9.2011

“I have had a root canal before at another dentist, which made me scared to get another
one. To top it off I now need two. I got one today and need another tomorrow and I have no problem coming back. I felt nothing! He was gentle and painless.” — Kim Purbaugh, 6.6.2011

“Had many experiences with root canals and this is the most painless and most
comfortable. The modern equipment coupled with the great dentist is awesome.” — Richard Verano, 5.27.2011

“Virtually pain free root canal. Dr. Buck is friendly and made me feel very comfortable during the entire procedure.” — Vicky LaVelle, 5.26.2011

“I came into this office kicking and mentally screaming that I didn’t want Dr. Buck to
drill through my beautiful bridge. Much to my surprise I didn’t feel a thing! Yeah. Eating popcorn hurts worse that getting a root canal; through a bridge; removed and treated. See Dr. Buck before you see anybody else. I love him and his office staff. This is the best dental experience that I have ever had.” — Annette Finch, 5.20.2011

“Dr. Buck was incredible, in that he explained everything from the cause of my problem to what he found and what to expect. I experienced no pain.” — Becky Samaniego, 5.19.2011

“Dr. Buck did the best job ever on my root canal. He is so gentle and it was pain free. Jolie was very good and helpful. Thank you.” — Marcel Mattingly, 5.19.2011

“Dr. Buck was quite wonderful in every way, and so was his staff.” — Phyllis Boone, 5.17.2011

“This was a very pleasant experience for a root canal. I was terrified to come after having
root canals at dentists’ offices in the past. Dr. Buck was so gentle and explained everything. He really put me at ease. I would never go back to a regular dentist for a toot canal again. I will only come back to Dr. Buck. His entire office staff was just as caring. Thank you again.” — Kathleen Brown-Washmuth, 5.16.2011

“Dr. Buck is young, good looking & charming. He gives you details of what he is going to do. I did not feel any discomfort nor pain. I could have fallen asleep. He’s the only root canal doctor I would go to and I recommend highly. Also his staff is helpful & pleasant.” — Florence Phillips, 5.10.2011

“Good music! Great explanations of what he would do and what was happening. I’m impressed and the experience was easy and comfortable.” — Jean Murray, 5.10.2011

“Dr. Buck and his staff are all exceptional. Dr. Buck understands from the patient’s perspective and he clearly tells you step by step of the procedure & technology to make sure you understand everything before the starts. He also goes over the after care with you after the treatment to make sure you recover as fast as possible. I also liked how his office follows up after the procedure to make absolute sure you’re well and pain free. It is a huge relief to know that I can turn to Dr. Buck’s office for endodontic treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Buck. I already started to! When I move again, I’ll even fly in just to get treatment from Dr. Buck!” — Julieann Klimkowski, 5.4.2011

“I was so happy with Dr. Buck. He is very personable. He is very gentle and it made getting my root canal as enjoyable as it can be.” — Aimee Clement, 4.21.2011

“I have a history of dental phobia and was so nervous. Everything was so easy & painless. The worst part was the embarrassment over snoring as I fell asleep during the procedure. Thank you.” — Ananda Campbell-Richards, 4.15.2011

“I was so happy with Dr. Buck. Very gentle and takes great care of his patients. Looks out for your comfort.” — Geraldine Pearson, 4.13.2011

“Dr. Buck told me to ‘just relax-some people fall asleep during their root canal.’ I have had a root canal before and sleeping was the last thing on my mind. Then I woke up and was done! Unbelievable! What a great experience! I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.” — Betsy Crumrine, 4.7.2011

“Dr. Buck and staff were great. I recommend the doctor and staff.” — Judy Toscano, 3.31.2011

“Dr. Buck and his staff were very friendly and very gentle. My overall experience was very positive.”
— Kiersten Briggs, 3.30.2011

“I have had four other root canals. This by far was the most pain free appointment I have ever had. Awesome staff! Dr. Buck was very concern on making sure that I was comfortable.” — Jobeth Clinger, 3.30.2011

“Painless procedure. Friendly staff. I will come back if necessary.” — Karric Scott, 3.30.2011

“Wow! That was easy! I always fear root canals but no more. Thanks Dr. Buck.You are wonderful.” — Gail Burchett, 3.10.2011

“You cured my phobia of dentists. Thanks a lot.” — Linda Berner, 3.9.2011

“It was the best time I have had with a dentist.” — Steve Cano, 3.7.2011

“Dr. Buck and staff – Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. The injection was painless. I really liked your extra touch to make sure I was comfortable. I liked you explaining every step of the procedure. You were very sensitive to my experience as a patient and I had confidence in your ability. Loved your equipment–very high tech–great staff!” — Sylvia Deweese, 3.7.2011

“Great Doctor! Very professional – felt like I received the care I needed and the doctor was very accommodating.” — Scott Deweese, 3.7.2011

“What an excellent experience. I was scared at first. No pain! Great doctor & staff.” — Judy Toscano, 3.4.2011

“Best dentist I ever had after 30 years.” — Linda White, 2.23.2011

“This was the easiest root canal I had. Dr. Buck was very gentle and explained everything to me. He’s great!” — Lori McLean, 2.22.2011

“Awesome! Awesome! Very Super Awesome! Can’t wait for next visit! Aloha.” — Patrick Calvan, 2.22.2011

“This was a wonderful experience. Fast & painless root canal. Dr. Buck takes his time and makes sure you are completely comfortable before he starts. Thank you.” — Linda Fast, 2.11.2011

“For everything you hear about a root canal, I would have no problem coming back if it was ever needed. Great Job!” — John Seimbida, 2.2.2011

“It was incredible!! I fell asleep. When he gave me a shot I never felt it. He did a great job.” — Tina Makinen, 1.27.2011

“I felt very comfortable and the staff was very friendly. I felt absolutely no pain and it went incredibly well. I was terrified going in, but came out great.” — Karen Hutchins, 1.20.2011

“I felt incredibly comfortable at Dr. Buck’s. His staff is friendly and helpful, and the procedure was a snap!” — George Nyers, 1.12.2011

“Having had previous root canals this was a complete surprise and no pain procedure.” — Michael VanNess, 1.5.2011

“Dr. Buck was wonderful – so gentle and caring but also extremely professional.” — Lisa Lilley, 1.3.2011

“Dr. Buck is caring and considerate, thorough and expert. I am already looking forward to my next root canal with him. He truly cares how his patients feel before, during and even after. He is an easy doctor to recommend.” — Lisa Green-Martinez, 12.30.2010

“Dr. Buck’s expertise and genuine concern and caring of the procedure and my comfort was one of the smoothest and minimal pain experiences I’ve ever had. I would recommend him for any root canals.” — Catherine Garbacz, 12.30.2010

“Dr. Buck and staff were wonderful and so caring. They put my mind at ease about my procedure. Thank you for making my experience here as easy and pain free as could be. I would look forward to coming here again…but not too soon!” — Stella Baldauskas, 12.28.2010

“Thanks Dr. Buck. It was great to meet you and the procedure was quite easy and comfortable.” — Linda Shoenberger, 12.1.2010

“Dr. Buck was very kind, considerate and compassionate. He walked me through the procedure and made sure that I did not have any questions.” — Christine Saenz, 11.24.2010

“I know the horror stories you hear about root canals, I have heard them all my life. I know now that it all depends on who is performing it. I had a root canal today and it was hard to stay awake. I felt nothing. The staff is very soothing and friendly.” — Nick Huddleson, 11.19.2010

“I think the reason people don’t like the thought of a root canal is due to the pain of the injection leading up to the actual procedure and the pain that comes from the relief the doctor finally gives you. The experience itself is calming and easy and I would do it again to get rid of the pain I had. I feel great now. Thanks Dr. Buck and staff.” — Christine Edwards, 11.12.2010

“I felt a bit nervous about the whole procedure, but Dr. Buck assured me and didn’t start anything until I was completely numb. Procedure went quick and I was completely pain free. Thanks.” — Jeff Cherpeski, 10.27.2010

“I was extremely nervous about my root canal but Dr. Buck and his staff were very comforting and the procedure was pain free. So much better than past experiences! Very nice office as well. Thank you.” — Dylan Branson, 10.26.2010

“I am an extremely high anxiety dental patient, until now. Modern equipment, gentle attitude and great personalities. Dr Buck and staff are the standard by which all others should be judged.” — Bill Abbott, 10.19.2010

“My experience with Dr. Buck was both educational as well as being exposed to a truly caring and professional endodonist. His cautious approach to my root canal was a new experience and one that was appreciated to know that we were pursuing the best course of action to resolve my problem. I was very impressed with the modern equipment and techniques employed by Dr. Buck. I highly recommend Dr. Buck and his staff to anyone needing professional dental care.” — Gil Yanuck, 10.18.2010

“Dr. Buck did an amazing job with my root canal. I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. His staff was great and he is on the cutting edge with his medical procedures. I would highly recommend anyone who requires Endodontic care to see Dr. Buck and his staff.” — Joanne Cluff, 10.13.2010

“My experience today was fine, great! Considering what I thought. Very gentle, thorough and explaining all the way. Thank you. Never thought I’d say ‘looking forward to coming back for another one in a few months!’ Ha….again. Thank you.” — Karin Randle, 10.12.2010

“I was extremely nervous about having a root canal done. Dr. Buck was very reassuring and explained everything as he went along. He did an amazing job. He was extremely thorough and I had absolutely no discomfort. Dr. Buck and his staff are wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs to have a root canal procedure.” — Joanne Cluff, 09.29.2010

“Thank you. You are Great!” — Bob Gitthens, 09.23.2010

“Dr. Buck was excellent! Made me feel very comfortable.” — Renee Lowry, 09.22.2010

“Great visit!!!” — Chuck Armstrong, 09.22.2010

“Dr. Buck was truly incredible. The nurses were awesome as well. Everyone should know how easy root canals can be. Shirley was awesome too.” — Steven Hanson II, 09.21.2010

“Dr. Buck did a wonderful job in making me feel comfortable. He took time to explain the procedure step by step. Everything went well.” — Heather Turner, 09.17.2010

“Dr. Buck uses very leading edge technology to ensure an easy treatment series. Honestly, I’d rather have a root canal than a filling! He explains each step clearly so there are no questions as to what is happening or what to expect. No surprises!” — Chris Causey, 09.01.2010

“I must say that this was in all my years the best dental experience I’ve had in all my 57 years. Would not hesitate to return for any further needs.” — Jeff Ritter, 09.01.2010

“Dr. Buck was absolutely wonderful. No pain during the procedure. A very pleasant experience.” — Liz Concannon, 8.31.2010

“Getting a root canal wasn’t a bad experience at all. There was zero pain and the procedure is actually a little boring, especially compared to appointments where I’ve has regular fillings. I was afraid to get the procedure done at first but once he started it, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.” — Stacy Hardy, 8.27.2010

“I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Buck and his staff. I called in with a toothache in the morning and they got me into the office the same day. Very caring and professional staff.” — Debby Hope, 8.12.2010

“Awesome, you are Dr. Buck. I felt very relaxed and assured that you would be able to take care of my tooth. Love and hugs and take a cruise.” — Leslie Martin, 8.12.2010

“It was the most pleasant root canal I’ve had. No pain at all.” — Kim Bartels

“It was a very positive experience. Very professional and comfortable. No pain. Third root canal, by far the best one ever.” — Ward Nimmo

“I previously had a very bad experience with a root canal while visiting another endodontist. So, when my dentist told me I needed another root canal I lost it. I cried and told the dentist just to pull them all out because I did not want to go through another bad experience. I ended up losing two teeth and a bridge all over a botched root canal. My dentist recently told me that extraction was not an option because I have oestoporosis. He then recommmended that I go see Dr. Buck. I was scared to death because what I had recently gone through. I had no other option but to give Dr. Buck a try. All I can say is, ‘Thank God for Dr. Buck!’ He was so gentle and caring and seems very educated. He knows his stuff! I had no pain from the shots or the root canal that Dr. Buck did. It all turned out perfect. I would highly recommend Dr. Buck and thanks to him, I no longer fear a root canal. I would also like to thank Dr. Park for referring me to Dr. Buck. Thank you!!” — Laurie Fisher

“Very pleasant experience, no pain.” — Roger Maxwell

“No discomfort – not bad at all” — Helga Struffert

“Great bedside manner – explains procedure clearly, little discomfort. Office staff caring and informative. If you ‘have’ to be here – Don’t Worry! Cool technology too. Thanks.” — Jeff Halpern

“Dr. Buck was awesome. No pain or anything to worry about. This was one of the best root canal experiences.” — Heidi Pettenger

“Dr. Buck was so wonderful as this was my first root canal. I felt no pain at all!” — Christy Taylor

“I’ve not been to the dentist in 15 years due to a bad experience. However, Dr. Buck was fantastic. No pain, professional and if you ever need a dentist Dr. Buck is the best. Thank you so much.” — Michael Williamson

“No one looks forward to a root canal but this was the best experience possible. No pain and great staff.” — Joanna Rowett

“My experience with Dr. Buck and his staff was excellent. The care and treatment were above standard. I highly recommend everyone here.” — Linda B.