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Dentistry is our profession, but people are our focus

The Modern Approach to Root Canals and Oral Surgery

Led by Dr. Jared Buck and his team of endodontic professionals, the mission of Modern Endodontics is to provide high quality endodontic treatments in a tranquil, patient-centered environment designed to make you feel at ease.

Using sophisticated equipment and the latest advancements in endodontics, Modern Endodontics is changing Northern Nevada’s perception of the root canal, patient by patient. But don’t take our word for it, read what our patients have to say below.

We understand the fear and anxiety that many people experience when it comes to getting a root canal. That’s why we’ve created a relaxed treatment environment that focuses on outstanding patient communication and advanced techniques designed to minimize patient discomfort.

Since our founding in 2010, Modern Endodontics has performed thousands of root canals, apicoectomies, and internal teeth bleaching procedures on patients from Carson City, Reno, and throughout Northern Nevada.

We promised to take care . . . and delivered

See What Our Patients Have to Say

  • This whole experience while never pleasant was made so much easier because of the professional care by all in your office.  I felt my experience was made as painless as possible. I really appreciated that Dr. Buck made sure that I would have the best outcome possible even though I had to return two times to ensure that the tooth had no infection present and at no additional charge!
    Jeanne Trejo Patient
  • Kristi is a great receptionist and is always very friendly. Dr. Buck was so gentle and caring, as were the two different assistants I met on my visits. I had no problems whatsoever with my treatment and would highly recommend Dr. Buck to my friends!
    Patty Tognetti Patient
  • I found the whole experience exceeded my expectations.
    Robert Johnson Patient
  • Everyone in the office make me feel comfortable and put me at ease. As for the procedure, what should have been a painful and unsettling experience, was easy and quick.
    Whitney Hamilton Patient
  • Dr. Buck did a wonderful job. It was a pleasant experience for what was done. I would recommend Dr. Buck to anyone.
    Jim DeArrieta Patient
  • Dr. Buck explained the entire procedure and options prior to the treatment so I understood what to expect. The staff were careful about elimination pain and making me comfortable. No high pressure sales pitch for additional work; just recommendations and clear options.
    Bruce McMillan Patient
  • This was such an amazingly positive experience! Everyone here takes such a personal interest, and their professionalism and expertise are exceptional. Carson City is very, very fortunate to have Dr. Buck and his staff!
    Joan Rassler Patient
  • I would not have expected a root canal to feel smooth & relaxing, but the truth is it did!
    Kathryn Bricker Patient
  • This office actually made my root canal pleasant, if you can believe it! What a wonderful group of people!
    Janice Visger Patient
  • I was scared and from the moment I walked in I felt at ease. The ladies are wonderful and Dr. Buck did everything gently, explained, stopped and checked on me. His voice is soothing & relaxing. The music was a nice touch. Thanks for the root canal.
    Jennelle Keith Patient
  • I’ve had a lot of dental work. Dr. Buck is hand down the most deft, pain free, and professional endodontist I’ve ever had.
    A. Maxwell Patient
  • Very professional, quick, painless—Dr. Buck, Shirley and Geri are excellent. Really enjoyed the ‘Pandora’ music. Thank you!
    Bob Beltramo Patient
  • I’m impressed with Dr. Buck and his office staff. Very personable, professional, and made my experience painless and enjoyable. Great people! I will highly recommend this office to all my friends!
    Jeff See Patient
  • So impressed beyond words. So much so I feel it was money well spent. New age atmosphere, technology, and well explained procedures. I will definitely recommend Dr. Buck to others. This staff and office was very relaxed and very competent. I actually left with a smile on my face and it wasn’t because of the medication.
    Renee Tierney Patient
  • Awesome doctor and staff! No pain at all . . . I got to listen to ‘Il Divo’ and drift off until the procedure was finished. I recommend Dr. Buck for anyone who needs root canals.
    Susan Hult Patient
  • Piece of cake! No pain at all—music, relaxing—very efficient dentist and comforting assistant.
    Nancy Sbragia Patient
  • I was totally scared at the thought of going to an endodontist, but the experience was great. Dr. Buck was amazing dispensing the Novocain. People could take a lesson from him. I would recommend him to everybody.
    Darrel Moody Patient
  • Everything was great—No Pain—It was Great!
    Toby Lansing Patient
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